To open FastKeys main window click on the FastKeys Tray icon or right-click the Tray icon and select Settings. You can also select settings from the Start Menu or define a shortcut in Preferences > General > Shortcuts.

Select a Module

Select desired module from the selection menu on the left. Modules are the methods of triggering FastKeys commands, for example by writing a text abbreviation, pressing a keyboard shortcut, selecting an item from a start menu etc. Any command can be triggered by using any module.

Select a Tab

Commands can be organized in tabs. Click on the desired Tab to select it. Right click on any Tab to open a context menu for adding, deleting, renaming or re-arranging tabs.

Click New button

Clicking a New button opens a command definition dialog. You can also select Insert/New... from the main menu or Right-click to show a context menu and select New.

Set a Command

Enter settings in the command definition dialog. Please see the detailed instructions dependent on the selected module:

Text Expander

Start Menu


Auto Complete


Click Save button

You always need to save the settings to activate newly added commands. Click Save button to save settings or click Cancel button to keep the previous settings. Window will be closed and FastKeys commands activated.