Mouse gestures can perform common tasks or execute complex actions. Hold down a mouse button (usually a right one) and move the mouse. This is easy and elegant way to enhance mouse functionality with endless possibilities.

Select command type

The following Command types are available:

Run - Running programs or files, opening file folders or websites, running external AutoHotkey (.ahk) scripts.

Send - Inserting text or/and keystrokes.

Command - Executing user commands by using Autohotkey scripting language.

Set the command string

Command to be executed. FastKeys can execute many different actions according to selected command Type and command contents. See Commands.

Set the gesture

Gesture code (D-down, U-up, L-left, R-right; Additional codes UL, UR, DL, DR are available if 8 zone recognition is active). Press the Record button to record a gesture by moving a mouse anywhere on the screen.

Set the description

A short command description.

Set context window

Click "More options" button to show all options. Comma delimited list of window titles or other criteria identifying the target window for the command. This creates context sensitive action. This setting overrules the Only active in/Not active options set in the Preferences. List may contain full or partial window (application) names. Window names are not case sensitive. Use the Window Information tool to retrieve missing information.

Click OK button

Click OK button to confirm gesture definition or click Cancel button to cancel and exit.