Build your own fully configurable Start menu to start any activity on your computer. You can call the menu by touching the screen edge or with a predefined keyboard shortcut. Menu items can run programs, open files and folders, open sites or execute powerful commands and scripts to automate the desktop.

Select command type

The following Command types are available:

Run - Running programs or files, opening file folders or websites, running external AutoHotkey (.ahk) scripts.

Send - Inserting text or/and keystrokes.

Command - Executing user commands by using Autohotkey scripting language.

Set the command string

Command to be executed. FastKeys can execute many different actions according to selected command Type and command contents. See Commands.

Set the menu and sub-menu names

Menu - Name of primary menu item.

Submenu - Name of secondary menu item. To create a Menu with more Submenu items, set equal Menu names and list them consecutively.

... - More options - change the color and style or assign an icon to individual menu entries.  

Select advanced options

Further advanced options are available. You may need to click the "More options" icon to show all options.

None - No additional options.

Auto Run - Run command automatically and always after changing settings. Auto Run menu items are marked with  *  in front of a menu item name.

Run on Startup - Run command only when FastKeys starts. In this case the item will not be shown.on the menu. To stop running command on startup, disable (uncheck) it and select Reload in the Tray icon menu.

Include Files - Show files in the selected folder (only available with Open command Type).

Include Subfolders - Show subfolders in the selected folder (only available with Open command Type).

Include Files and Subfolders - Show nested subfolders and files in selected folder (only available with Open command Type).

Click OK button

Click OK button to confirm menu definition or click Cancel button to cancel and exit.