FastKeys is an easy-to-use Windows automation tool and Text Expander. It enables you to build text abbreviations, start menus, shortcuts, and commands to run files, open web-pages, send macros, or automate most anything. It is incredibly powerful, yet simple to use.

Key features:

Text Expander uses powerful string abbreviations to save hours of typing. Type a couple of letters, and the program replaces those letters with a whole word, or paragraph, or it simulates key presses. This makes FastKeys an exceptional productivity tool.

Personalized Start Menu. Use FastKeys Start Menu module to start any activity on the computer. Touch the screen edge calls the menu - it is always there and is fully adaptable to any need.  

Use the keyboard or mouse Shortcuts to do anything with a keystroke - run programs, open files and folders, open web-pages, or use powerful scripts to automate Windows desktop and applications.

Use the Intelligent Auto Complete word and phrase prediction utility which has a learning capability. Many language databases are already included. It's a great time saver and it can also be used as versatile launcher.

Simple and amazing Mouse Gestures enables you to perform common tasks or execute complex actions. Hold down a mouse button (usually a right one) and move the mouse.

This Manual

The User Manual contains all essential information for you to make full use of the software. The manual is organized into the following chapters:

1. Introduction

2. Frequently asked questions

3. Using FastKeys

Quick Guide

Basic concept

Creating a new command item



4. Macros

5. User Preferences

6. Reference