Welcome to FastKeys Automation Software. FastKeys is a very powerful, simple-to-use application which will help you automate many daily computer activities. This quick guide will help you get started quickly. Please let us know in case you will need any support.

Open main window

Left-click the FastKeys Tray icon to open FastKeys main window. Alternatively you can right-click on the FastKeys Tray icon and select Settings from the menu. For quicker access, you can later assign shortcuts to these actions.

If the icon is missing, click the triangle icon in the task tray and drag the FastKeys icon into the system tray to make it permanently visible.

Create your first Text Expander item

Press New button on the main FastKeys window to open a command definition dialog and enter the abbreviation and substitute strings. Follow simple instructions on how to set your first Text Expander item here: Setting a Text Expander.

Check the provided examples

Browse through the modules and check the provided examples which demonstrate various automation tasks. Double-click on any item to see it's content. Experiment with changing the commands and then try them. Press the Library button to access a wealth of ready-to-use presets.

Open a Start Menu

Move the mouse cursor to the top screen edge to activate a Start Menu and then select one of the menu entries. Select Settings from the menu to open FastKeys main window.

Change the volume

Move the mouse cursor to the right screen edge and move a mouse scroll-wheel up or down to change the computer system volume. This feature needs to be enabled in Preferences > Functions.

Check User Preferences

Press Preferences button to access User Preferences which allow you adjusting the application behavior to your liking.

Explore other features and enjoy!

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