Inserts manual text selections using standard Windows controls - ListBox, DropDown, ComboBox, Radio, CheckBox, TextBox, Date, Slider, Random and Input. Define a variable name, description, control type and available selections. Input selection dialog window will appear when command is executed to allow user input. Double-click the field name to change settings.

Variable Name - Name of the Input Selection Form variable. Multiple Input Fields with the same name can be specified - in this case the user input would be required only once. Spaces or special characters in variable name are not allowed.

In text, Input Selection Form macro is presented as %SELECT_VarName% field. Double-click on In the name to edit the form definition. In the following example, user will be asked to select patient's symptoms before the command is executed.

The patient is associated with %SELECT_Symptoms%.

Input and Selection variables (INPUT_VarName or SELECT_VarName) can be also used in the conditional statements (Condition macro) or in the custom user commands (scripts). Use 'No Output' prefix "_" in front of a variable name (for example _VarName) to instruct FastKeys not to output the value. This is useful for using input and selection values later in the conditional statements.

Description - Input Selection Form description to be shown on the selection dialogs.

Type - Select one of the standard Windows selection controls - ListBox, DropDown, ComboBox, Radio, CheckBox, TextBox, Date, Slider, Random and Input. Choose CheckBox control type to allow multiple selections.

Selections - List of available selections to be offered, one selection text per line. In Slider control type, specify the range in the first line, for example: 1-100. You can also specify the interval, for example 1-100/10.

To improve visibility, add a description prefix to selections. In this case only description will appear on a input selection dialog. The default description separator is "::" and can be changed in Preferences > Text Expander.

Delimiter - Specify delimiter characters between multiple selections. Only available with CheckBox control type.

Format - Select a date and time output format. Only available with DateTime control type.