Inserts current date or time in a specified format. This function can also be used to insert a date or time in the future or in the past. Double-click the field name to change settings.

Variable Name - Name of the Date and Time variable. Spaces or special characters in variable name are not allowed.

In text, Date and Time macro is presented as %DATETIME_VarName% field. Double-click on In the name to edit the definition. In the following example, the date in specified format will be inserted at the specified location.

I propose the meeting on %DATETIME_ThreeDays%.

Date and Time variables (DATETIME_VarName) can be also used in the conditional statements (Condition macro) or in the custom user commands (scripts). Use 'No Output' prefix "_" in front of a variable name (for example _VarName) to instruct FastKeys not to output the value. This is useful for using date values later in the conditional statements.

Format - Select one of the preset date and time output formats or free type your custom format. Select "..." button to choose from available format fields.

Shift - Choose the desired options to insert future or past date or time. You are free to set any combination of years, months, days, business days (Monday to Friday), hours, minutes and seconds.

Round time to - Rounds the output time to 60 minutes (full hour), 30, 15, 10 or 5 minutes. Select 0 to disable rounding.