Inserts manual text input within the text. Input dialog window will appear before the command is executed..

Variable Name - Name of the Manual Text Input variable. Multiple Text Input fields with the same name can be specified - in this case the user input would be required only once. Spaces or special characters in variable name are not allowed.

In text, Manual Text Input macro is presented as %INPUT_VarName% field. Double-click on In the name to edit the field definition. In the following example, user will be asked to enter a customer name before the command is executed.

Dear Mr. %INPUT_CustomerName%,
thank you for contacting us.

Input and Selection variables (INPUT_VarName or SELECT_VarName) can be also used in the conditional statements (Condition macro) or in the custom user commands (scripts). Use 'No Output' prefix "_" in front of a variable name (for example _VarName) to instruct FastKeys not to output the value. This is useful for using input and selection values later in the conditional statements.