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by thinman
Jun 4th, ’19, 17:51
Forum: Announcements
Topic: FastKeys 4.19 Released
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Re: FastKeys 4.19 Released

Thanks for the updates and your continuous support.
by thinman
Jan 30th, ’19, 20:19
Forum: Announcements
Topic: FastKeys 4.16 Released
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Re: FastKeys 4.16 Released

FastKeys really is an effective tool and the support level is fantastic! Thanks for the regular updates.
by thinman
Jan 22nd, ’19, 13:20
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Result of run to clipboard
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Re: Result of run to clipboard

If the caret is at the end of the generated string, you can select the last word (Shift+Ctrl+Left) and copy it to clipboard. The following assumes the modifiers are turned on in Preferences/Text Expander. Type: Send

Code: Select all

by thinman
Dec 9th, ’18, 16:38
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Calculate Time zone
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Re: Calculate Time zone

Great, thanks for this!
by thinman
Nov 13th, ’18, 14:04
Forum: Announcements
Topic: FastKeys 4.14 Released
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Re: FastKeys 4.14 Released

Date macro is a great addition and I was waiting for this for a long time. Business days math is specially useful for me.
by thinman
Apr 11th, ’17, 07:05
Forum: User Commands and Scripts
Topic: Fractions command
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Re: Fractions command

Great idea, this will be very useful for me. Thanks!
by thinman
Mar 17th, ’17, 18:56
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: How to create an HTML signature line with links and images
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Re: How to create an HTML signature line with links and images

Marko wrote:

Also check many online html signature generators, this one for example:

After creating your signature, paste generated HTML code to FastKeys Substitute field (HTML mode).
What a nice idea to create great signatures, thank you!

:D :D :D
by thinman
Mar 12th, ’17, 17:20
Forum: Announcements
Topic: FastKeys 3.18 Released
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Re: FastKeys 3.18 Released

Thanks for a great update, very stable and mature product!
by thinman
Dec 12th, ’16, 07:35
Forum: User Commands and Scripts
Topic: Dictionary
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Re: Dictionary

this is EXCELLENT!!!

Thank you!
by thinman
Oct 27th, ’14, 23:13
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: New user - various questions
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Re: New user - various questions

I cannot imagine in which case would this be a problem. You type a number and a pop-up appears - do you want to continue writing a similar number?

Anyway, in my opinion Numpad shortcuts are too much and not needed in practice.