Add variables to the text by pressing More button or from the right-click context menu. Variables are special fields which can be used in Send type commands. The following variables are available:


Inserts current Clipboard content within the text. You can also simulate clipboard operations by inserting Copy, Cut and Paste macros.

System Variables

Insert various system information variables from the Library

Date and Time

Insert preset date and time variables. Many different date and time formats are available, based on Windows system settings. Use Date and Time macro for more detailed formats and options.


Insert special keyboard keys. This way, various key or key combination presses can be simulated.

Cursor position

Insert commands for changing cursor position when sending text.

User Variables

Insert one of the defined user variables, like user name, address etc. User variables can be defined in Tools > User Variables. This allows reusing the same variables in different commands. When user variable content is changed (for example phone number), all commands using it are automatically updated.