Allows automating the text depending on met conditions using If, Else, End structure. Within a condition you can check entered Input or Select variables, date and time variables, functions etc.

Condition Name - Name of the Condition macro variable. Spaces or special characters in variable name are not allowed.

In text, Condition macro is presented as %IF_ConditionName% field. Double-click on In the field name to edit. %ELSE% and %END% fields can be used optionally to confine the conditional text. Nested conditions are not supported and are ignored. In the following example, the condition (A_Hour<12) is used to variate an opening phrase based on time.

Good %IF_Morning%morning%ELSE%afternoon%END%.

Condition - Specify a condition - can be any valid expression containing

- Variable names: user defined macro variables (INPUT_Customer etc., SELECT_Gender etc.), built-in variables (A_Hour etc.)

- Operators: and, or, =, >, <, +, -, *, / etc.

- Numbers: 1, 2, 3.14 etc.

- Strings: in quotes: "male", "female" etc.

- Functions: Abs(), Round() etc.

In the above example, the condition used is


... - Choose one of the preset variables, operators or functions.