• Enhanced and modernized Gui,
  • Added Toolbars - always on top start menus with customizable settings,
  • Added Open webpage macro,
  • Added Run program macro,
  • Added Open file macro,
  • Added Open folder macro,
  • Added Create mail macro (Professional Edition),
  • Added Activate window macro,
  • Added Selection Table macro (Professional Edition),
  • Added Excel lookup macro (Professional Edition),
  • Added Text file lookup macro (Professional Edition),
  • Added Excel Data range macro (Professional Edition),
  • Added Calculation macro (Professional Edition),
  • Enhanced Manual Text Input options (Default, Input format),
  • Added No output option to several macros,
  • Added Output format options to several macros,
  • Enhanced font dialogs with Unlimited color selections,
  • Enhanced resizable Quick find window,
  • Simplified Run type - now covers Run, Open and Script type commands,
  • Added Gui color themes,
  • Added Customizable Gui icon bar,
  • Added Display number of items in module,
  • Added Option to include spaces in Auto Complete search,
  • Added Option for defining Selection form popup width,
  • Added Auto import from previous FastKeys versions,
  • Updated documentation,
  • Updated translations,
  • Abundance of other improvements and bug fixes.

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Upgrade with 20% Discount

FastKeys 5 is a separate release and is installed separately from the old version. This is not a free upgrade, however, we offer a 20% upgrade discount to our registered users of Personal and Professional editions. It is a limited time offer.

To make an upgrade
- select your edition and click a blue BUY NOW button on our ORDER PAGE
- click "Redeem Coupon Code" on a purchase page and then
- enter your current valid registration key.

If you wish to upgrade from v4 Standard to v5 Professional Edition with 10% discount, add "X" to the end of your valid registration key.