Build script using class controls?

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Post by gsechler » Feb 6th, ’19, 16:10

Hello! I'm wondering if it's possible to build a script using the Class field from the Window Information as a reference point? The Window Information for the particular program I'm trying to build a shortcut for is below. After a specific shortcut key combination is pressed, I'd like the script to automatically select the class control (a text box), paste what's on my clipboard, and then select another portion of the screen.

I've built a separate version of this script that simply uses mouse coordinates, however, the problem with this script is that it doesn't always work because sometimes I'm on my laptop and sometimes I'm on double monitors at work that vary depending on what desk I'm sitting at. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Title - Work Type
Class - ahk_class
Process - ahk_exe Mobile T&E.exe
Position (x, y) - 435, 175
Size (w, h) - 1050, 700

Class -
Text - (blank)
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Post by Marko » Feb 8th, ’19, 14:50

You may try ControlClick macro but I'm not sure this will work.
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