Shortcut to move mouse to the center screen of a left monitor or a right monitor

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Post by vrod5454 » May 11th, ’18, 16:08


Is there a way to have a shortcut that centers a mouse on the screen of a second monitor? Please note that I am not talking about moving/centering a window from left monitor to right monitor (SHIFT+WIN+R or L Arrow will do this), but just moving/placing the mouse.

Ideally the shortcut would be the mouse wheel Left or Right so you can easily move between the screens without having to take your hand off the mouse. Or click the wheel would toggle between left and right. I am saying "center" because then your eyeball would know where it is :) and ideally it would be the shortest distance to where you need to go on the screen. Also, i think I MS let's you add keyboard shortcuts to the wheel so maybe that might be the trick.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time,
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Post by Marko » May 11th, ’18, 22:13

You can use MouseMove command to move the mouse to a new position (X, Y).
Type: Command

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MouseMove, 200, 100
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