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Post by prisoner107 » May 10th, ’18, 18:21

Not sure if you have ever used the VMware Remote Console for testing, but currently its disabled by design for any copy\paste functionality.
The VRC is simply just a console session of your virtual machine that you run on your computer. It also disables any Fastkeys functionality while your in that Console session.
You wouldn't happen to have a workaround to enable fastkeys while on the VRC session, would you?
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Post by Marko » May 11th, ’18, 22:09

Remote desktops may use their own settings which might block FastKeys (and similar software).

Possible solutions:
- restart FastKeys after starting VRC,
- try if FastKeys phrases are blocked in both, windowed and full-screen VRC,
- check the Remote Desktop settings for settings like "Apply Windows key combinations" or similar.
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