FastKeys 4.02 Released

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Post by Marko » Aug 31st, ’17, 22:53

What's new in FastKeys 4.02:
August 31, 2017

Release notes:
- New macro - Control Click - allows users to simulate button, menu and mouse presses before or after sending text.
- Several key delay and window focus options added to increase reliability in slower applications,
- Menu top edge zone definition added,
- Import from Excel improved,
- General improvements and bug fixes.

Download FastKeys HERE!
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Post by gustms » Sep 1st, ’17, 00:55

Thank you for the update, Marko!
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Post by Gryzor » Sep 1st, ’17, 08:38

Thanks once more for the continues support...

Also, we're on Tapatalk now? :D
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Post by dennisl » Sep 1st, ’17, 11:30

Thanks Marko!
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Post by blortch1 » Sep 10th, ’17, 02:50

Thank you, Marko. I can't thank you enough for FastKeys. It seamlessly streamlines my 14 hours daily of online work. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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Post by Shenzie » Sep 10th, ’17, 23:49

Menu top edge zone definition is a great feature. Well done, Marko!!

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