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Post by Tom » Aug 14th, ’21, 09:26

Due to popular demand, we have released two short video tutorials about simulating keyboard presses in FastKeys.

Expanding the text is a standard FastKeys feature. But do you know that FastKeys does it by simulating (sending) the key presses exactly like
you'd type them on your keyboard? You can easily use this power to automate several tedious tasks in Windows like logging to webpages, saving the file under a different name, playing back the same sequence of steps etc. Anything which could be done by using a keyboard and a mouse.

Here are the links to tutorials. Please consider subscribing to our YouTube video channel for more videos like this.

- Simulating Key Presses.
- Login to Websites.

And let us know if you have created a great time saving routine using FastKeys - please post it here for other users. We all learn together.
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