Automatically deleting when I type letters "Hu"

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Post by fastkeysexcel » Jul 20th, ’21, 03:11

Fastkeys is automatically deleting this very specific series of typed letters "Hu" (without quotation marks)
No problems with: "hu", "HU", or "H u"
As soon as I shut off Fastkeys, the problem goes away.
I do not have "Hu" as a Text Expander (closest is "//Hu" and "@H")
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Post by Marko » Jul 23rd, ’21, 17:39


/ character is a default separator in FastKeys. Use other or change it in Preferences/Text Expander.
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Post by JoelBarrett » Jul 23rd, ’21, 19:07

Just a thought... check if somehow you ended with "Hu" being added to either My Abbreviations in Text Expander or "Learned" in Auto Complete and delete those instances accordingly.
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