FastKeys 5.04 Released

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Post by Marko » Jun 19th, ’21, 19:02

What's new in FastKeys 5.04:
June 19, 2021

A new FastKeys release brings a new handy shortcut which allows user to quickly enable or disable the Auto Complete. This was a popular demand from our users. Check it out in Preferences/Auto Complete/More.

A new release also introduces a new "Message Box" macro which displays a custom message and allows user to select the next action(s) according to the buttons pressed. Very flexible. This feature is available in the Professional Edition. ... geBox.html

Release notes:
- Added: Shortcut to quickly disable/enable Auto Complete,
- Added: New Message Box macro (Professional Edition),
- Improved and optimized In-line calculator,
- Added: Don't delete string option (calculator),
- Advanced shortcuts available in Preferences,
- Various improvements and bug fixes.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports are highly appreciated. Thanks! :)

Download FastKeys HERE.
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