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Limited time offer - Upgrade to FastKeys 5

Posted: Jan 24th, ’21, 19:29
by Marko
As you may have noticed, we released a new major version 5.0 release with many new powerful features and enhancements. FastKeys 5.0 is a separate release and can be installed separately from the old version.

This is not a free upgrade, however, we offer a 40% upgrade discount to our registered users of Personal and Professional editions. It is a limited time offer, valid for three (3) months only. ;)

To make an upgrade
- click a blue BUY NOW button on our ORDER PAGE. Do not use a direct PayPal link.
- click "Redeem Coupon Code" on a purchase page and then
- enter your current valid registration key.

If you wish to upgrade from v4 Standard to v5 Professional Edition with 20% discount, add "X" to the end of your valid registration key.

Please contact us on our support mail if you need any support. ;)

Re: Limited time offer - Upgrade to FastKeys 5

Posted: Feb 20th, ’21, 02:31
by nth
I'm a long time user of Fastkeys and love it! If I could make a suggestion; on the order page make it a bit clearer which upgrades will be free and which upgrades will be at a cost. Usually there's some language about minor upgrades being free and major upgrades will be at a cost.

The way it's phrased now "LICENSES are valid for lifetime and do not expire. Single one-time payment - no subscription and no recurring fees. Regular support and bug fix updates are included." it seems as if a single purchase entitles the user to all future minor/major upgrades for the lifetime. With the release of version 5 that obviously not the case (and that's cool). I just was initially confused about it.

Just ordered my v5 upgrade. Thanks again for the great app!

Re: Limited time offer - Upgrade to FastKeys 5

Posted: Feb 20th, ’21, 19:26
by Marko
Thanks for your comment, we will try to make it clearer.

In the last 9 years, 4 major and almost 100 minor updates have been released, all free of charge for our registered users. We believe that number of new features in version 5 justifies the small upgrade fee.

Licenses are valid for lifetime and never expire. Users are not forced to upgrade and we will still fully support older versions.

Re: Limited time offer - Upgrade to FastKeys 5

Posted: Feb 20th, ’21, 22:20
by nth
Thanks Marko. I'd agree that the upgrade policy has been very generous in that it's included the last 4 major versions for free. (That's probably part of what initially confused me because I'd never paid for a major upgrade for it before). Again thanks for all the work you put into the app!