Deactivation of Fastkeys for specific Applications

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Post by albatross » Dec 24th, ’19, 12:59


is there a possibility to configure Fastkeys to pause (beeing not active) within specific applications ?

I configured Fastkeys - that the middle-mousebutton is bringing up the setting menue of fastkeys.

While running my CAE-software - the middle mousebutton shall not be caught by Fastkeys.
Furthermore - I don't want to have any functionality running of fastkeys within that application.

For sure - I can disable fastkeys by pausing fastkeys (manualy)
But then it is also disabled for all other applications ...until I enable it again.

thanks in advance
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Post by Tom » Dec 25th, ’19, 13:02

You can disable each module separately in Preferences - see Restrictions/Not active in. Enter a comma delimited list of window titles in which the module will not be active.

Use a Window information tool to get the window names or classes.
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Post by albatross » Dec 25th, ’19, 13:13


not sure if I got it.

I deactivated the shortcuts for that window/Application
'Not active in: ahk_exe Fusion360.exe' - But this does not solve the problem.

The activation of FastKeys is handle within the preferences "Start Menu" / Menu shortcurt.
And within this preference seetings is no 'not activ in' option available.
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Post by NW5o4vTsxVyAY4AY » Dec 25th, ’19, 14:19

So put simply, you want to disable the FastKeys Start Menu when Fusion360 is focused?
Here's what I'm doing to accomplish this (meaning: disabling the Fast Keys Start Menu for some applications):

Change the Start Menu shortcut to something else (preferable something that doesn't conflict with other shortcuts).
You say you use the middle mouse button to open the menu, so for example change it to WinKey + Middle Mouse button:
(click to enlarge)

Then create a new shortcut:

This shortcut will open the Start Menu everywhere when using the middle mouse button, just as before.
But now that it's a shortcut, the "Only Active In"/"Not Active In" lists will be applied.
So add ahk_exe Fusion360.exe to the "Not Active In" list for the shortcuts.
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