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Post by NW5o4vTsxVyAY4AY » Sep 10th, ’19, 07:59


pressing the "Help"-button in the tray icon just opens up this page for me: https://www.fastkeysautomation.com/documentation/.html

The "Help"-button in the main window directs me to the correct site though, same goes for the "Online Documentation"-button.

I guess this is because the "Help"-button / F1-button is context sensitive, opening the appropriate entry in the manual based on which "Fast Keys main window"-section or "Preferences"-section is currently focused, and since there is nothing to focus in the tray, it leads to that 404.
So maybe the tray button should just direct to the "Online Documentation".
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Post by Tom » Sep 10th, ’19, 11:54

Thanks, will be corrected. ;)
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