(With Screenshot) 6 Improvements to implement for Script-Editor Window's "Free space"

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Post by gksh » Sep 5th, ’19, 14:59


Please think about making the below 4 Improvements in Script-Editor Window's "Free Space".

1, 2, 3, 4 . Introduce a New 'Multi-line Textbox with Up/Down-Slider at right-hand side and option to maximize this Textbox.
Name of this Textbox can be 'Notes or Description'
And there should be a button to Open the Note / Description Editor in a larger window with Rich-text support.
5. Rename the existing 'Description' field as 'Script-Name'
6. Introduce a New Field 'Last Run Dates' - Showing the Last run dates in Descending order

Screenshot Attached.

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Post by Marko » Sep 5th, ’19, 20:49

Thanks for your suggestions. We will put some of them to the wish list for possible future development.
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