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Post by Vasim@786 » Feb 26th, ’24, 15:05

Dear Team,

is there any way I can run my script or programme on a particular time like it I want to run aparticular scrip exactly at 07 Hrs:05 Min:20 sec
please help me it is very important for me to do my worl
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Post by Marko » Feb 27th, ’24, 22:29

You can set a Start menu or a shortcut to run this script, Type: Command:

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SetTimer Ticker, 1000

	If (A_Hour=7 and A_Min=5 and A_Sec=20)
		;Your script here
                MsgBox It's time!
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Post by Vasim@786 » Mar 12th, ’24, 08:17

Hi Marko

I need your help to be the first among many people who book the tickets...

i have a website called
here we book jungle safari tickets for our guests, it has 3 steps

1st step - the tickets open anytime around 08:02 am, til that time i have to keep refreshing the website, once it opens it will show the number of tickets available which is 2 morning and 2 evening

02nd step - I have then click on the number 2 of which ever slot I have to select, then it takes me to a new page where I have to select the number of people going for safari

03rd step - I have to fill the guest details like, name, age, gender,id type and ID number and then I have to submit the form...

for these 3 steps, I have tried by assigning 3 different keys for each step, but then it is not working
I have tryied assigning 1 key and entire scrept will run with wait time, but I am unable to do it on time..

is there anyway you can help me with this, so I can be faster then others
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