FastKeys 4.30 Released

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Post by Marko » Dec 19th, ’20, 10:56

What's new in FastKeys 4.30:
19th December 2020

FastKeys team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2021. Stay well and safe!
:D :P :!:

Release notes:
- Engine optimization,
- Updated translations,
- Several small improvements and bug fixes.

Comments :), suggestions ;) and bug reports :oops: are highly appreciated as they help us to continuously improve. Thanks! :)

Download FastKeys HERE.
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Post by NW5o4vTsxVyAY4AY » Dec 21st, ’20, 16:50

Thank you.

Happy holidays and a good new year, stay healthy.

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Post by benyhirmansyah » Dec 22nd, ’20, 05:26

Many thanks!!! Happy new year everyone :)
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Post by orlando2bjr » Jan 5th, ’21, 12:33

Happy New Year!

I've made a test run in PhraseExpress because my friend insisted and it didn't last... Though it has some face UI, it's soooo limited compared to FastKeys.

So, congrats on my favorite text expander++.
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Post by Archivist » Jan 14th, ’21, 15:36

My organization is stating that the new update is being flagged as a virus / malware.
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Post by Marko » Jan 14th, ’21, 22:08

FastKeys is clean and safe software. Some web security or antivirus software may occasionally wrongly suspect FastKeys as Spyware because it processes keyboard input. Such reports are false and FastKeys is absolutely safe to use. In such cases please to manually unblock FastKeys from the quarantine manually until the issue is resolved.
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