I can't find a way to share my settings

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Post by augustosabeh » Oct 26th, ’20, 13:32

I can't find a way to share my settings
i need share ALL, the settings and the configs personals, and the menus and the hotkeys, and the text's. to my other PC but i can't
Any metod? thx
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Post by Tom » Oct 26th, ’20, 14:26

Settings can be located on any valid Windows location, local disk, network path, cloud etc. By saving the settings file to a shared location, you can access the same settings from different computers. For example, to use the Dropbox
- on the first computer, use File/Save As... to save the settings file to Dropbox folder,
- on the second computer, use File/Open... to load the settings file from a Dropbox folder.

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