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This command is not perfect and produces very erratic results. But I share it for those who want to perfect it or can serve it. It works with the QTranslate program installed and resident. This program has several interesting functions in its configuration of keyboard shortcuts. Estre them translate what is on the clipboard and send the translation to the clipboard. The command makes use of this function. By default there is no keyboard shortcut signed, in the example I have assigned Ctrl + Alt + M.

For "QTraslate" to work, the interface must be configured with the English language as the destination, and the language itself or automatic as the source. It does not work with Google or Microsoft translators because when they translate only one word they give several options. The "Pepago" or "DeepL" translators must be activated.

Type: command.


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Send, ^{vk43} ^c
Sleep 550
Send, ^!m
Sleep 2100
Open the English Wikipedia. You can use another destination or simply the Google search engine.

Download QTranslate, it's free:
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