Win 10: Win-Shift-Left .. wrong behaviour ?

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Post by albatross » Nov 29th, ’19, 10:14


I have 2 monitors - and I wanted to shift a window from one monitor to the other with a shortcut / Hotkey / Mouseclick combination.

I tried several approaches - without success:

1. Approach: Using the library functions 'Window to the left/right half of the screen)
I tried to use the already predefined library functions.
BUT - the windows disappear and they are not accessable anymore if you do 2 times a shift of the window.
Example: Window is on monitor A. Usage of the library functions (Window to the right half of the screen)
1st time: window is shifted from monitor A -> B
2nd time (same window): shifts the window from B -> ??? (expected monitor A … but this was not the case - it is gone) and
no chance to get it back. I was forced to put the monitor configuration back to Duplicate ….then the window was there.. :?:

2.nd approach: Try using the predefined Windows 10 hotkey: WIN+SHIFT+ArrowLEft.
If I use these keys without Fastkey - it works. The window is shifted from A->B and from B->A Back (by using the same hotkeys again)
Then I tried to setup a FastKEy ShortCut by
a) Using the Send #+{Right}
b) Send {Win}{Shift}{Right}
None of them was working . Independet what kind of key-combination I assigned to that sequence

Any idea how to solve the topic ?

Thanks in advance
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Post by Tom » Nov 30th, ’19, 20:52

This works for me:
Shortcut: F3
Type: Command

Code: Select all

Send, #+{Left}
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