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Help with scripting and user inputs

Posted: Mar 17th, ’17, 19:29
by Jon
Hello all,

I am trying to learn how to put some more strings together that will allow me to make some processes for new employees super easy.

I have created this template that is set up as a "send"

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Spoke with: %INPUT_SPOKE_WITH_insureds_name%
Inspection Date and Time: COMMAND FOR DATE AND TIME POP-UP > outputs (MM/DD/YY, between HH:MM and HH:MM)
You will notice that my "Inspection Date" line is not correctly coded, that is where I am looking for some help.

I want to have a popup calendar and time selector that they can just click on the date and time ranges and it will output the selections in the format in parenthesis.

If this is something that is easier handled as a command or script, let me know, but please give me some guidance. I am OK with converting the other user input sections to the same script.

Re: Help with scripting and user inputs

Posted: Mar 18th, ’17, 11:23
by Marko
The easiest would be to make separate Select controls for date and time, like:

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Inspection Date and Time: %SELECT_InspectionDate%, between %SELECT_Time1% and %SELECT_Time2%
For InspectionDate select Type: Date, Format: ShortDate
For Time1 and Time2 select Type: DropDown and manually enter available times for selection.

We may add additional Time selection formats in one of the next releases.