What are the most useful commands that you are using?

Share your favorite FastKeys commands
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Post by Marko » Nov 6th, ’15, 22:40

Change Caps Text Utility - select some text and press Ctrl-CapsLock (default shortcut). Menu appears with some useful functions.
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Post by Guest » Dec 12th, ’16, 02:32

Great ideas, I see now there are many interesting scripts in the Library, need to test them all. :D
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Post by Jacksonhammy » Jun 17th, ’19, 04:35

I use the mouse/keyboard recorder to breathe life into an old piece of software that doesn't normally allow macros.
I record a bunch of time consuming commands, set the mouse rest time to 0 and then bind these commands to my mouse and keyboard. I even bought an Elgato stream deck and snapshot little icons to use with it so I have every single command for my software at the flick of a button. It has seriously improved my productivity by at least triple!
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Post by TokyoMike » Jul 2nd, ’19, 06:40

I use several:

- Endless mouse - cursor moves from left/right edge of screen to right/left edge of screen for both monitor sizes I use automatically
- I use a game controller for a video game that does not support it. In addition to another piece of software I use FastKeys to give me a hotkey to move my cursor to a specific position on the screen with one click on the controller (for gaming nerds - the game is Guild Wars 2 and the use case is to target AoE spells)
- Shortcut to add -san to people's names (I live in Japan) - I type a name, say Taguchi and the tap . twice and -san is entered to create Taguchi-san

There are a bunch of others but these are my main use cases.
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