What are the most useful commands that you are using?

Share your favorite FastKeys commands
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Post by Quatro » Dec 16th, ’13, 19:01

My favorite command is "Play Any Song from Anywhere" script from Library.

I simply type a part of a song name and song will start playing. Simply great!

Just needed to change my mp3 files folder location on a disk and it worked right away...
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Post by ConeyC » Feb 2nd, ’14, 00:09

Thank you so much for this crazy application!

No one mentioned this one which I find great: it is from the Library and is called "Capslock State Sound Warning". It beeps whenever I enable/disable CapsLock key.

I also like ESC double-click to close windows. What an idea!
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Post by Ennovy » Apr 13th, ’14, 11:37

One of my favorites is a script I added to the Start Menu: Start URL from Clipboard
(Also made a shortcut to this script)

Code: Select all

Run, %clipboard%,,UseErrorLevel
If ErrorLevel
msgbox There is no URL or link to an EXE file on the clipboard
What I also use a lot is: Paste without formatting and my Endless Mouse script (handy when you use a wide screen) http://www.fastkeysautomation.com/forum ... p?f=6&t=42
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Post by Strangelove » May 9th, ’14, 16:42

Hi, I mainly use shortcuts for my quick window manipulation:

- make window stay on top
- minimize all other windows in the background
- esc to close window (a great one)
- play and pause songs in the player etc.

Great tool!
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Post by HakanZ » Jul 9th, ’14, 21:16

Absolute favorite: CapsLock Text Utility!
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Post by SteveQ » Sep 5th, ’14, 00:08

I use FastKeys mainly for game cheats - there are plenty Autohotkey scripts around there.
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Post by DarkKnight » Oct 13th, ’14, 22:50

HakanZ wrote:

Absolute favorite: CapsLock Text Utility!+
1 :D
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Post by SmallCH » Aug 31st, ’15, 22:14

My favourite FastKeys commands:
- text expander
- some text signatures from the menu
- pasting without formatting,
- hide windows
- Double ESC - close window
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Post by SmallCH » Nov 5th, ’15, 09:24

and Input forms! :D :D :D
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Post by cadudesun » Nov 6th, ’15, 19:25

What does "CapsLock Text Utility" do?

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