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Post by marcelolima » Jun 28th, ’22, 12:42

Hi, FastKeys team.

I would like some help, if possible of course.

I'm Brazilian and I used the standard keyboard “ABNT2” for many years.

Recently I chose to buy a keyboard for its excellent quality. The default for this keyboard is “ANSI”.

My adaptation with the new keyboard was excellent and I didn't have any problems. As I have been a FastKeys user for some time, I thought about the possibility of remapping some keys that could help my typing speed.

For example, I was able to remap the following keys on the “ANSI” keyboard perfectly:

1) ’ ;: ’ = ‘ç
2) 'ALT + ' / ? ’ = ‘ º
3) 'ALT + ' ] } '= ' ª '

(I use the characters above a lot)

But I had trouble remapping the ' " (ANSI) key to ^ ~.

For example: On the ANSI keyboard I would like to write the word EXECUÇÃO by typing the key sequence: E – X – E – C – U - ; : - ‘ “ A – O

My remapping generates the following word: EXECUÇÃÓ

Could the noble colleagues help me with the possibility of remapping the keys of the ANSI keyboard below to work in the same way as the ABNT2 keyboard?

1) ` ~ = ' "

2) ' " = ^ ~

I believe this is not possible due to some technical issues, but as I am a noob at FastKeys I'm leaving the question here for the more experienced.

Thanks. ;)


** Keyboard layout: Image
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Post by Marko » Jun 28th, ’22, 20:17

` character is an escape character in FastKeys so it needs to be escaped too. ;)
Try the following shortcut
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