Sending email with Outlook with Inputs

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Post by jcfastkeys » Sep 12th, ’21, 21:02

Trying to set up to send an email using Outlook and various inputs. How to I get the Inputs to appear in the Body field Number,Expiry, Sec , Name and Amount.
Also the Email.From does not work.

InputBox, Customer
InputBox, number
InputBox, Expiry
InputBox, Sec
InputBox, Name
InputBox, Amount

Outlook := ComObjActive("Outlook.Application")
email := Outlook.Application.CreateItem(0)
email.From := [email protected]
email.To := "[email protected]"
email.Body := "Card `n `n Expiry `n `n Sec `n `n Name `n `n Amount $ "
email.Subject := "Payment Info for " Customer
;email.Attachments.Add ;now just need to attach the right files...
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Post by Marko » Sep 13th, ’21, 19:09

You forgot the quotes:
email.From := "[email protected]"

To create entry fields in the script you need to learn Gui command:

It is easier to simply use Manual Input macros and then Insert Command macro with the mail code. ... dCode.html
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