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Balabolka, or other programs, read the text from the clipboard, but they always read and have to be resident. The balabolka creator has a small utility that makes command calls (CMD) called "balcon".

This is the command in FasKeys:

Type: command

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Send, ^{vk43} ;Ctrl C
Run, d:\Utilidades\Voice\Balcon\Balcon.lnk
It calls a shortcut instead of the program, so that the command console starts minimized.

In the direct access it is necessary to put:

Target: "D: \ Utilities \ Voice \ Balcon \ balcon.exe -c" (change program path to your own. The -c parameter is for you to read the clipboard) and change so that it starts minimized.

When selecting a text and using the assigned keyboard shortcut is already read, you don't need to use Ctrl + c. If nothing is selected, it reads what is on the clipboard.


A more elegant option, and that the CDM window does not start is using the Hidden star program. The FasKeys would look like this:

Type: command

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Send, ^{vk43} ;Ctrl C
Run, "Program Files (x86)\Hidden Start\hstart.exe" /NOCONSOLE /SILENT /D="d:\Utilidades\Voice\Balcon\" /MIN "D:\Utilidades\Voice\Balcon\balcon.exe -c"
The "balcon" program has many properties to change the speed of the voice and other options. Such properties are found in the direction above. The most successful thing is to create a balcon.cfg

My configuration is like this:

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-b 1
-n Microsoft Helena Desktop
-a 20
-s 3
-p -10
-v 95
Change the voice "Helena" to the voice of the system. Copy, create a new .txt file, paste the text and save the file with the name "balcon.cfg" which will be saved in the same directory as the balcon.exe program.

The following video explains everything (in Spanish):


Suggestion for the creators of Faskeys. If calls are made to voice commands, I imagine that it is easy to implement this function in the program without needing the external program "balcon".
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