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Post by marcelolima » Jul 30th, ’22, 01:14

I don't have enough knowledge to create this script, but if anyone is interested in the idea, I'll share it here.

The idea is that if the script is enabled, when typing a number on the numpad, windows responds with voice indicating the typed number.

The purpose is to prevent misclick because the voice is one more item for you have focus on the key you typed.

- For example, you want to type "428", but you made a mistake and without realizing it you type "458".

Then the sound could make you realize the wrong and you can fix it, preventing a miscalculation.
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Post by Tom » Aug 1st, ’22, 14:39

Find the sound files on the net and copy them to a folder, for example D:\Sounds
One source: https://evolution.voxeo.com/library/aud ... /index.jsp

Then create ten shortcuts in FastKeys, 1-0. For number one this would be
Shortcut:: NumPad1 (Enable "Native" option)
Type: Command

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SoundPlay, D:\Sounds\1.wav
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