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Make popups consistent with the start menu

Posted: Jul 19th, ’19, 10:54
by NW5o4vTsxVyAY4AY

I think it would be great if you made the popup windows like Clipboard Manager or Auto Complete more consistent in looks and behavior with the Fast Keys start menu.

Three suggestions:
  • Add more customization options for the popups.
    Right now you can only changed the font and background color under Preferences -> General -> Appearance.
    The Fast Keys start menu has more options like selection color, text margin, line spacing, etc.
  • The Clipboard Manager only shows a blue selection color for the first entry, even when hovering other another entry (only using the arrow keys changes this):

    In the start menu it's displayed and behaving correctly though:
  • Add an option to delete clipboard entries (maybe highlight them and press delete or something like that).

Best regards.

Re: Make popups consistent with the start menu

Posted: Jul 22nd, ’19, 06:31
by Tom
Thanks for your suggestions - will be put on the wish list. ;)