The program cannot recognize Korean characters

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Post by huhsj4141 » Feb 25th, ’19, 11:19

Hi, everyone.
I have difficulty using Korean characters in FASTKEYS.

I think other two-byte characters are in similar trouble, too.
I have read many articles on the bulletin board, including the FAQ, and I have seen the instructions, but I have not been able to solve the problem.

Do developers or others know any good ways I don't know?
Please let me know if there's a convenient way to use it.

I've been fascinated by this good program and bought a license, and I don't want to give up using it.
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Post by Marko » Feb 25th, ’19, 21:47

FastKeys supports Unicode. What are the issues? Text Expander, AutoComplete? Can you give an example?
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Post by huhsj4141 » Feb 26th, ’19, 13:07

Please open the link below to see what's going on.

I register abbreviations in English (not meaningful in English itself), and I use them in Korean keyboard mode. (I hope you can see the video above and understand what it means.)
It's a little expedient, but I'm glad I can use it like this.

There's a problem with this. One letter of Han-gul disappears And English is lost in 2 letters.
Of course, hitting acronyms in English keyboard mode does not cause the problem of letters disappearing, but using "FASTKEYS" all the advantages are lost."

So all I want to do is get rid of the symptoms of the letters disappearing so that I can type them naturally and without interruption.

Of course, if I'm greedy, the acronym works in pure Korean.

Any advice to solve this problem will be appreciated.
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