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Hard coded Fastkeys path

Posted: Feb 23rd, ’18, 16:18
by achseu

i'm runing into trouble by using the integrated calculator (Advanced Calculator.ahk).
If i get it what it says it's because my FastKeys is not installed in the standard path (C:\Program Files or whatever it is...).
The setup routine provides the ability to choose a different install location so this will run straight into trouble if someone chooses really a different location and you "hard code" it this way.
I replaced this "hardcoded" variable by setting the right path and it runs smoothly.

Please correct this little bug in one of your next releases.


Re: Bug: Hard coded Fastkeys path

Posted: Feb 23rd, ’18, 21:28
by Marko
This is not a bug. Advanced calculator is an example of external AutoHotkey script, just like many others. Feel free to update or change the script if needed.

Re: Hard coded Fastkeys path

Posted: Mar 15th, ’18, 15:17
by achseu
==> Works as designed.