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Post by bhchen » Nov 21st, ’17, 05:21

Dear FastKeys developers:

This is so far THE BEST Windows automation software I've tried - ease of use and customization, yet powerful enough to cover most routine keystrokes and application handling in Windows environment. Just suggesting and hoping there will be MacOS version of FastKeys in your future development plan. Many thanks for making this great software available!! :D :D :D

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Post by weberwa2 » Nov 23rd, ’17, 16:05

Try Keyboard Maestro on a Mac. It's more expensive than Fastkeys, but very powerful.

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Post by jajaja3003 » Jun 17th, ’19, 08:53

There's no app (including Keyboard Maestro) for macOS that does text autocomplete with learning (i.e. it's not necessary to set an abbreviation, it just learns words that you type often and then suggests them when you start typing them...).

This is the one productivity app I miss dearly from Windows where e.g. learns your most typed words or you maintain a custom text file (perfect if you work in a profession with special vocabulary like medicine, law, etc.).
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