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Post by NPRoy » Mar 21st, ’23, 00:12

Macro Text Expander Not loading when following the trigger menus when creating the new script.

To Replicate in version: 5.07, I will click "+" sign. Try to make a selection Form. It will pop-up initially, then following outcomes: It will close window and not place anything in the script box. Or it will not allow the window to be closed (okay or cancel fails).

You will be able to load a menu option that hasn't already be used. It sequentially shuts down the options as you preload the windows and fail to load.

You can attempt to remember your string, i.e. %INPUT_xxxx% which *might* capture the action. Once saved, reloading the script fails to allow you to trigger the selection or input pop-up again.

I have tried reverting to prior databases in case something 'corrupted it'. So far, replicated issue over and over. There is no known antivirus or malware scanner causing the issue, as this is a new finding. Rebooting computer no resolution. Rebooting / reloading software no resolution.

Any further thoughts? I cannot create any fast key text expanders at this point.

Unrelated, there should be a script category by professional. It would be nice to see a forum dedicated to HPI scripting for medical professionals to save each other time as we solve use cases for medical care (i.e. disease based best practice intake forms).
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Post by NPRoy » Mar 21st, ’23, 00:41


So in rage-clicking the threads to see if it was a pop-up lag. I was able to get selection pop-up to make a menu. This apparently highlighted the entire thread. Then when I went to process the original input thread, it was over written and provided the following error when trying to run edits.

Image is not reflecting in preview so if needing error link: https://pasteboard.co/mOIpVqH99MDZ.jpg
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Post by Marko » Mar 22nd, ’23, 12:40

Hi, I suggest you contact our support mail. Screenshots would help. Thanks.
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