Suggestion: To Improve the User Input dialog block on Fastkeys

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Post by images » Jun 18th, ’21, 14:41

Hi Marko,

I'm Ram, I've started using Fastkeys recently and I must say, It's a fabulous app for text expansion. I love it. I'm amazed by the feature set here, I like most of them and appreciate your constant update to the Fastkeys, keep up the great work.

Though most of the things are well designed and well planned, I have few suggestions here, if possible, you can try to implement them to make fastkeys great.

1.) The UI menu order

As of now, UI menu order is stacked vertical i.e. Text Expander, Start Menu, Shortcuts, Auto Complete and Gestures ---- It has a lot of white space below (emply), instead, these could be stacked horizontally on TOP and main submenu's could be stacked vertically, as we could accomodate more groups, submenu's vertically (also these are the most used ones). If you have questions, I could send you a UI example.

2.) The app currently doesn't have maximise button, it would be great to view these in maximised window.

3.) INSERT TEXT option could be improved.

As of now, when we create an email template with few INSERT TEXT options, set it up with a shortcut key. When the shortcut key is triggered, the user should enter those TEXTS to even see the email, which could be improved.

Instead, when the shortcut key is triggered, it could display the whole email template with fill in the blanks, where we could enter those TEXTS, this could be easy to handle.


I hope you could solve these issues and i have few more personal suggestions for you. I'd be happy to DM you those.

My best wishes to you and Fastkeys, I'm loving it so far. Keep it up.


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Post by Marko » Jul 3rd, ’21, 20:07

Thanks for your suggestions and best wishes, very much appreciated. FastKeys is actively developed and we will see if some of the ideas could be implemented in the future.

Regarding the first UI suggestion - I believe this is a matter of taste, we prefer the current scheme. :D
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