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Post by wetware05 » Sep 20th, ’20, 15:21


When I make a new keyboard shortcut, everything goes fine. But if I try to edit it later, I get the message "error: call to nonexistent funcion". It has nothing to do with the code, since it sometimes happens just by trying to change the name, or the keyboard shortcut (and without it being a repeated shortcut).

As it seems to me, FastKeys program reads the file "(...).fdb" sequentially and when encountering an error in another command, the program falsely warns me that there is an error in the keyboard shortcut I am trying to edit.

In fact when searching the internet "error: call to nonexistent funcion" it displays to HostKeys pages, when the command I am editing is something as simple as a "send".

I can't tell which command is wrong. I would have to make a .txt file with all the commands added by me, uninstall "FastKeys", delete everything related to the program, reinstall, and add, one by one, the commands recorded in the .txt file. Much work!

Any other possibility? Any ideas how to fix this problem?

Thanks for your patience
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Post by Marko » Sep 20th, ’20, 18:17

Please contact our support mail and we will try to analyze your data.
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