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html link insert

Posted: Sep 17th, ’20, 06:52
by abscaps

I am trying to use a text expander to trigger a popup box for me to insert an href tag and link text. However, I'm having problems as it inserts a space before the url and extra </ before the end tag like this.

<a href="">keyword</</a>

The macro also causes my shift key to lock on down.

Attached is screenshot. Can you let me know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.


Re: html link insert

Posted: Sep 17th, ’20, 18:19
by Marko
I tried and it works for me.
Probably there is another similar text expander active - try to disable it or change the abbreviation to something else.

Re: html link insert

Posted: Sep 17th, ’20, 20:56
by abscaps
Ack! I found the problem. Fastkeys was conflicting with another Textexpander I was using. I'm migrating to Fastkeys so I was still using the old one. Thanks.