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Post by wetware05 » Sep 12th, ’20, 11:51

After making changes to the configuration the program became very erratic. When resetting the configuration, the thing was worse.

Because I had made so many attempts at changes, there was no longer any reliable copy in the backup folder.

Before trying big changes, make a copy to "file", "save as"

The fact is that in the end I had to uninstall the program, delete all the references on the computer and the registry file and reinstall. But no copy I had was reliable and stable. I chose to open the file, copy what interested me and paste it into the current program file (it was closed).

The only "serious" thing is that I had this command in a keyboard shortcut:

Type send

Code: Select all

{LControl down}{LAlt down}k{LControl up}{LAlt up}%FILE_acceso_txt%{Ctrl Down}v{Ctrl Up}{Enter}
My question now is. What did the part of the command that says "% FILE_acceso_txt%" did. Is it an access to a file on the hard drive? I think it was pasting a content in front of the clipboard, since it was a command to paste URLs, but translated by google. The text could contain the following text: "https://translate.google.com/translate? ... n&tl=fr&u=" If so, if no route is set. What is the default?

Since I didn't know how the command operated, I changed it to another way. I just want to know if "% FILE_acceso_txt%" called a file and the path.

Sorry for writing too much, and thanks for your patience
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Post by Marko » Sep 12th, ’20, 12:04

Your shortcut may be running another system process on your computer so it’s not a FastKeys fault. ;)

Restaring Windows would be fine.

FILE macro is inserting a file contents - double click on it to see the file path.
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Post by wetware05 » Sep 13th, ’20, 23:27

I found where the problem was.

One of the keyboard shortcut command, similar to the one above, started with {LControl down}, but then it didn't have {LControl up}, I don't know if I deleted it or what happened.

The fact is that apparently it is as if the "Ctrl" key was permanently pressed, both to press any key, and when pressing the mouse buttons.

I say you if it is useful for other people, or if a solution is possible for the next revision of the program.

Thanks for everything. ;)
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