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full keyboard bufer?

Posted: Sep 11th, ’20, 14:05
by wetware05

Sometimes I get confused when I press a key, and it sticks a very large clipboard in the present window or in the application, which is pending keyboard shortcuts, and the computer stays half-locked. It does not responde and becomes inoperative. I think the keyboard bufer stays full and this is what makes the computer freeze.

Any solution?

Is there an order, command or program to empty the keyboard bufer?

Re: full keyboard bufer?

Posted: Sep 11th, ’20, 17:37
by Marko
Does this happen when FastKeys is expanding the text?
Does pressing Escape key helps?
You could also set a Reload shortcut in Prefrences/General/Shortcuts.

Re: full keyboard bufer?

Posted: Sep 11th, ’20, 18:34
by wetware05
Yes. I think it's because of Fastkeys.
The first thing I've tried is the ESC key.
I've activated a reload keyboard shortcut. And another one for the "pause". To try.

Thank you

Re: full keyboard bufer?

Posted: Sep 12th, ’20, 12:05
by wetware05
After the proposed changes and reviewing possible configurations that could have to do with the error, the program crashed completely. It was copied twice into memory, menus did not appear ...

Yesterday you can see what happened. When I get that kind of error, when pressing a hotkey in an inappropriate program, with a lot of text, the keyboard no longer works. Pressing one key appears to be another. As if the entire keyboard map had been changed. Disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard does not work. Exiting the "Fastkeys" program doesn't work either. You have to reboot.

It can be a case in a million, due to the configuration, the type of keyboard and the security system installed ...

I have reinstalled it. I have removed some dubious commands. Let's see how mommy is doing now.