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Post by wedward » Jul 12th, ’20, 19:57

For some reason the text expander is working very slowly. I did not notice this at first, but it seems to become more obvious lately.

For example, I have a key trigger for the word - vendor as vn. I am used to being able to type vn then without any hesitation, a 's' to get the plural. This worked like a charm in Phrase Express, and here in FastKeys when on my trial as best I can recall. Yet now, especially in the middle of an email or slack message, it ends up as svendor - becuase there is a slight pause on the execution of the text expansion. Sometimes it happens on other words as well - I can see a visual delay in the execution.

Can any one advise on something to check that may be stalling the trigger/execution?
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Post by Tom » Jul 13th, ’20, 20:50

It could be dependent on the editor. Could you try in Notepad? It should be instant. If not, check Preferences/Text Expander/Advanced - any key delay settings?
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