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Post by mr9bitbyte » Nov 16th, ’23, 16:55

It would be usefull to have the option to copy to the clipboard whatever you have just autocompleted. I find myself using autocomplete and a wordlist file a lot, I add words manually to this word list, but sometimes I need to use the same autocompleted word several times, it would be nice to be able to update the clipboard with whatever was autocompleted so you can just ctrl+V the same word. Also whenever I use an input box in the text expander secion, it would be nice if autocomplete worked in this text input window, i find myself wanting to autocomplete something from my wordlist in this text input window, but it does not work.
Thanks, and great work like always!
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Post by Tom » Nov 20th, ’23, 17:38

Thanks, will be considered for possible future development.
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