Calculate Math Expressions - not all fns work

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Post by timn » May 17th, ’21, 11:48

I'm using version 5.03.
I can't get all the functions listed in the help to work.
The one I most want to work is POW
pow(2,10)= doesn't get any response from Fastkeys on my recently updated Windows 10 64bit PC.
(It would be good if it could be expressed as "2^10" which is processed by several other expression evaluators I use)
I also can't get any response from atan2, log2e, log10e, max, min
It would also be nice to have an option to retain the expression rather then overwriting it with the result.
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Post by Marko » May 17th, ’21, 19:03

I can confirm this. We will improve it in the next release.
Thanks for reporting.
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Post by thinman » Jun 2nd, ’21, 16:00

I agree. The alternative would be to replace POW function with x**y syntax.
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