How to limit a shortcut to a specific program/window?

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Post by eselick » Jan 18th, ’16, 02:58

I'm sure there are examples for this but I'm haven't found any.
As a workaround for the mouse wheel problem I'm having I've reprogrammed the wheel up/dn to send the letter O which is used for the Orbit command in Sketchup. That is the only program where this should take place otherwise I'm getting random "o" all over the place.

Currently my shortucut "send"s {Shift}+O.
What changes would I need to turn this off this behavior outside of Sketchup?

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Post by Ennovy » Jan 18th, ’16, 08:29

You might want to read this:
To create a command that only works in Sketchup

The other way around:
You can also create a command that works everywhere but not in for instance Total Commander:
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Post by Marko » Jan 18th, ’16, 12:32

In FastKeys you can use Window option to limit the shortcut to only be active in specified application or window. In your case set Window to "Sketchup". Alternatively you can use Tools/Window Information to get the correct Sketchup window name.
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Post by eselick » Jan 19th, ’16, 00:54

Thanks - That worked great.
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