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Post by young67 » Jul 4th, ’14, 15:07

Hi, I just recently discovered a new Macro recording function!!!

A M A Z I N G !!!

I frequently work with some text files where I need to do some repetitive tasks. It is great to just press F12, record few keytrokes and then F11 to quickly repeat it over and over. I don't need to save it, just use it on the fly. What a time saver. :D
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Post by Marko » Jul 7th, ’14, 20:48

Thanks, I'm glad you like the quick macro recording feature.
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Post by SteveQ » Sep 4th, ’14, 23:59

young67 wrote:

A M A Z I N G !!!
Totally agreed!
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Post by kaysi » Apr 20th, ’20, 11:38

Is there a quick way to repeat last recorded macro n times where n is a number given by the user? I've tried creating a Command comment type shortcut to hit F11 n times using Loop but it looks like Fastkeys shortcuts are not active when a macro is playing.
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Post by Tom » Apr 21st, ’20, 17:03

You can run the the recorded macro by pressing Play macro shortcut (default F11) or save macro to a normal phrase (Insert/Recorded macro).

You could also use a script to loop the macro (Type: Command):

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Loop, 10
     Send, My recorded macro text
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